Cyprus Seasons

The Cypriot climate does not appear to change throughout the seasons. Cyprus is possibly one of the few places on the globe that enjoys an almost perfect climate every day of the week making it an ideal place to take your time searching for Cyprus Book Shop information or services.

Sizzle in Summer

The summer season begins mid May and runs through to mid October. During the summer, Cyprus experiences clear skies, hot temperatures and refreshing cool sea breezes. These conditions make it the perfect time to enjoy the many water sports on offer and the relaxing activity of sunbathing. The Troodos Mountain’s offer a slightly cooler environment to enjoy your time if the heat becomes too much.

Autumn Coolness

Autumn brings weather that is slightly cooler in the evenings than the summer but the afternoons are still summery all the way up until mid November. During this time the colours of the vineyards and trees around the island go through their colour change. The vineyards display crimson and golden hues which is a pleasure to see. Each year, during the autumn, a festival takes place called the Kypria Festival. Dramatic and musical performances take place during this time all over the island. Although the weather is slightly cooler it still feels like summer and the sea is still warm enough for a pleasant swim.

Winter Wonderland

The winter season runs from December to early February. During this season there is a chance of rain but the sun still shines for around six hours during the days. Many Mediterranean destinations close their doors to tourists during the winter. However Cyprus’s doors remain open giving even more time to use Cyprus Book Shop to find what you are looking for. Cyprus is home to many historical sites and museums which are best visited during this season. Winter is the time for culture in Cyprus. Troodos offers mountains covered in snow for a great skiing experience.

Pleasant Spring

Spring is the time when the countryside is lush with green vegetation and majority of the flowers are in bloom. It is the best time to take in the splendour of Cyprus. The daytime temperatures are cool but pleasant to enable enjoyable and comfortable walking conditions although it can feel a little chilly at night.